Saturday, 1 March 2014

Tips to get freebies, money off vouchers and money off items!

Tips to get freebies, money off vouchers and money off items!

So I'm letting you know of the hottest latest freebies, money off vouchers and discount codes but how do you do it yourself? Below are a few simple tips which could save you a lot of money!

Like products Facebook pages

A lot of companies will post chances to win items, money off vouchers and freebies you can get from them on their Facebook pages.

Sign up to products/ shops/ brands newsletters on their website. 

Most products/ shops and brands will offer the chance to sign up to their newsletter and they will email you any special offers, vouchers and freebies that are offer!


The amount of times you will see an item selling for say £50.00, and if you search the internet you can find money off codes for certain websites or the item simply selling for cheaper elsewhere. Majority of the time you can get it for 10% cheaper! I never buy anything without looking online for a cheaper alternative or for a discount code!

Cash back offers with your bank card. 

A lot of bank accounts are now offering 'Money back' offers. Simply look on your banks website for offers available. I currently have 15% cash back on all Morrison's transactions using my bank card when paying. So with a £50 shop I will get £7.50 cash back!

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